Electrify your Porsche® 911®

The silhouette, iconic. The design, timeless. The engine, exchangeable. The mechanical integration of the electrical components is minimal invasive by using the original mounting points in the vehicle.

Bringing automotive legends into the 21st Century.

There are cars in this world, which have more than a material connection to their owners. Some of them had great times and their design awakes nostalgic feelings until today.

We provide these icons of automotive history a new youth with well-known design, sportiness and an electric drive-train.

„In the beginning I looked around but could not find the car I was dreaming of: a small, lightweight sports car that uses energy efficiently. So I decided to build it myself.“
Ferry Porsche
Ferry Porsche
Porsche AG Founder

Modern engineering

For us, “using energy efficiently” means to leave the combustion engine behind. It admittedly served us well for decades, but now it is time to discover the benefits of the electric drive.

  • Gasoline
  • Oil Loss
  • Stuttering Engine

No longer an issue – not even for classic car lovers.