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Totem electric GT

The manufacturer is the Italian company Totem Automobili, which was founded by automobile designer Riccardo Quaggio.

The car is a hand-built restomod of the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT 1600/1750 from the 1960s, but with a modern electric drive.

The body is a carbon monocoque with aluminum front and rear ends. As with other electric vehicles, the high-voltage battery is housed in the underbody.

This lightweight vehicle accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 2.7s and has a 81kWh battery. A range of 400 – max. 500km can be achieved.



Technical data:

    • 450 kW peak
    • 1100 Nm
    • 81 kWh capacity
    • 2.7s 0-100 km/h
    • 1300 kg
    • Rear-wheel drive


Totem Automobili  offers the same chassis with a V6 biturbo engine as combustion version.

Revive Automotive X Totem Automobili:

Revive Automotive provided development service in the areas of control software, drivetrain electrics, PCB design and high-voltage system.

In the ongoing series production, we support our Italian colleagues in troubleshooting and training personnel.

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Totem Automobili GT electric
Totem Automobili electric Gt Revive Automotive

Further information can be found on the TOTEM homepage: