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Electrified classic 911s are our driving force in terms of technical solutions, creativity and efficiency.

Even if it is difficult to devote yourself to anything other than Porsches, we also deal with other vehicles or even stationary applications.

At Revive Automotive, we apply our skills to other projects. With our employees and our European network of e-mobility, we are already taking part in projects in the sectors of e-mobility, EV conversions and renewable energies.

Furthermore we develop electrification concepts for every vehicle. This service takes place within the framework of development contracts and is more aimed at the B2B sector.

If, in your opinion, our skills are suitable for your project, just get in touch with us.


Where we support you:

  • Design of EV conversion concepts for any vehicle
  • Prototype construction
  • CAD Design
  • Electrotechnical and mechanical work
  • Consulting for EV projects
  • Development of energy storage systems
  • Completion of partial scopes for larger projects

Latest projects

Electric BMW 2002
Full 400V electrification concept. 120kW (163HP), 22kW AC and CCS fast charge. Soon to be acquired through our Munich partner company.
Battery Design Small Series
Electromechanical design of a battery system for a small series production car. Including battery management, mounting and consulting for creating the battery case. High voltage assembly inhouse with schooling customer employees.
G-Klasse Roof Rack
For Steyer-Daimler-Puch Typ W461 Planenwagen 1989-95. Development of the entire product from construction, manufacturing methodology to assembly instructions.
Solar Energy Storage
Development of a reproducible system for storing solar energy using second-life battery modules from a German automobile manufacturer. This system is intended as an initial or retrofit solution for private houses with photovoltaic systems.