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The ELETRA system is a patented Li-ion-based battery system tailored to the special needs of car transport trucks. The system was developed by Revive Automotive and Bestlog.

The system supplies the necessary energy for all trailer functions (hydraulics, winches, lights, etc.) and also supports the truck’s lead-acid battery when operating the stationary air conditioning or stationary heating.

The system ensures diesel fuel savings and a reduction in noise and exhaust emissions. It supports the 24V system of the tractor unit and prevents the engine from starting due to undervoltage. It supplies reliable 230Vac with up to 2,000W. Drivers can look forward to operating a microwave and kettle.

Initial situation:

Car transport trailers are normally powered by the tractor unit’s diesel engine. With most manufacturers, the so-called POT (power take-off) supplies the necessary energy in the form of hydraulic power.

Some manufacturers have already equipped their trailers with batteries, but these are based on lead technology and often have to be replaced. In addition, the required energy is provided by the diesel engine’s generator, which increases fuel consumption.

Exhaust fumes and noise during loading and unloading not only have a physical effect, but also have a direct impact on the psychological stress of truck drivers. Residents living near car dealerships, for example, are also exposed to noise pollution.

A loading or unloading cycle can take up to 60 minutes for premium vehicles.

Dieselmotor LKW
ELETRA Revive Automotive mit Solar PV Modulen

How it works:

The ELETRA system has a gross capacity of 14.9 kWh. Depending on the setup, the customer has the following recharging options:

  • Charging via solar system on the trailer roof
  • Charging via charger (installed in the trailer)
  • Additional charging via alternator (only useful for open trailers if PV is not possible or for trailers in distribution traffic)

In the highest configuration level, all options can be equipped to achieve the greatest possible self-sufficiency.

In the case of the AURIGA DELUXE from the Italian manufacturer ROLFO, the combination of a 1.5 kWp solar system in conjunction with an internal 2 kW charger is ideal.

PV modules

The PV modules are specially manufactured for automotive applications and are only 3mm high. Freight forwarders, dispatchers and drivers do not have to worry about triggering height control systems.

Connection to the towing vehicle

A helical cable connects the ELETRA system to the towing vehicle. The power flows via this connection in charging and support mode.


The conversion work takes approx. 1.5 working days when fully equipped. The PV module adhesive has a drying time of at least 24 hours.



The heart of the system is the core unit of the ELETRA system. All power consumers and suppliers come together in the system via a PDU (power distribution unit).

The battery management system was developed and validated jointly by Revive Automotive and a specialized manufacturer. The BMS ensures maximum safety and meets all safety standards for Li-ion applications. With the help of the BMS/EMS, the available energy is used optimally. For example, it controls whether the generator is used for recharging or whether the system goes into backup mode for the truck battery.

The battery containments were designed by Revive Automotive and offer protection against contamination, water and mechanical impact.

A control panel is mounted next to the hydraulic control unit. A display shows all the information of the ELETRA system.

The mechanical integration was adapted to the existing installation space situation The kinematics of all platform and lifting devices remain unaffected.

Example of self-sufficiency:

68 days of summer operation with Bestlog UK in depot traffic

(few km per day, 8 loading and unloading cycles per day):

Auswertung Bestlog UK, Sommer

With the help of the PV system, a self-sufficiency level of 97% was achieved in August and September, for example. Recharging with 230V was only necessary twice on days with very bad weather.

Bestlog UK

The SoC (State of Charge) was never lower than 31% during this time:

Fertigung Manufacturing Li-Ion Cells ELETRA System

Manufacturer Revive Automotive

Revive Automotive handles the manufacturing and installation of the systems.

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Further information on the system can be found on the ELETRA homepage:

ELETRA Revive Automotive mit Solar PV Modulen